Wednesday, May 20, 2015

So you want a shout out...

The blog project is reaching its end and I'm trying hard to hold back the tears.  I encourage you all to continue to write for fun, for the grade, or for both.

Shannon has finally made friends but now they are graduating.  Read about how it is better to have a friend and lost than never to have had a friend at all.

Rolando just watched the most amazing show of The Flash.  For you DC comic book fans out there check out his blog.  DC > Marvel all day.  #tbt to LIME > chipotle

Zayn is gone.  Who is Zayn and does this have a drastic effect on my life?  Check out Brianne's blog.

Finally, I like to rock! You should to.  Check out Marlowe's blog on rock and this week's band is Fleetwood Mac. "There you go again, you say you want your freedom..."

Keep blogging.


  1. Panton, this is not 200 words. I believe in YOU.

  2. This is only 146 words. As a student believes in you, I'm kind of disappointed. You can do this. Try again.

  3. This is 761 characters. You're slacking.